Panel 5 – Cannabis 2

What lies ahead for the next generation of cannabis products and how can cannabis producers get a slice of this market.

Panel 4 – Security panel

Experts from across the security spectrum assess the state of the Canadian cannabis market today with attention to current regulations, compliance, technology and other aspects of security service delivery.


Canada’s Top Growers presentation: Gregg Wigeland

Luncheon Keynote: Gregg Wigeland, Master Grower

Lessons from the Master: How cannabis growing has evolved from a prohibited substance to a multi-million-dollar global industry

Panel 2 – Data domain

How your cultivation data can provide insights about plant health and improve your yields

Presentation 2 – Pest management in cannabis

For true crop protection you must consider above as well as below the soil when creating an IPM program. This talk will focus on Entomopathogenic nematodes as a control for common soil pests found in cannabis (fungus gnats, thrip pupae and root aphids). Nematodes have many advantages, however, choosing the correct nematode and delivery method are key factors to ensuring economic management of the pest insects.

Speaker: John Robertson

Presentation 1 – It’s genetics!

Every great product begins with good genetics. This presentation will outline some best practices and recommendations for developing a cannabis genetic selection and breeding program to yield consistent, high-quality cannabis.

Speaker: Max White, operations manager, co-owner, Aroma Cannabis


Panel 1 – Energy efficiency

Energy costs is one of the biggest operational costs in commercial cannabis production. This panel will discuss trends in energy management and the business case for energy-efficient, sustainable systems