Jayson Goodale

Jayson Goodale is senior lead, risk advisory, at Cannabis Compliance Inc. Coming from a strong horticultural background, Jayson has spent 25 years in the commercial greenhouse industry where he was responsible for producing over 1,200,000 plants per year. Jayson’s recent experience with Tweed Farms has brought him to the forefront of cannabis cultivation in Canada. While at Tweed Farms in the Niagara region, Jayson was tasked with designing the company’s cannabis greenhouse, overseeing its construction and readiness, and managing the cultivation of this 350,000-sq-ft greenhouse facility. Jayson brings practical greenhouse horticultural practices to the cannabis industry, combined with a keen attention to detail, scheduling and plans.

Gregg Wigeland

Gregg Wigeland is the master cultivator at Sundial Cannabis in Alberta. Wigeland is also the 2019 winner of Grow Opportunity’s Canada’s Top Growers. Having lived most of his life around cannabis, he has learned and perfected the art of growing cannabis. Wigeland has been walking amongst the circle of notable cannabis growers, particularly in British Columbia’s cannabis culture, long before Canada legalized cannabis. His path to becoming a master grower has been paved by numerous trials and errors over “too many years.” As the master cultivator for Calgary-based Sundial Growers Inc., and in-charge of the company’s flagship facility in Olds, Alta., Wigeland does not only tend to the plants; he has also become a mentor to budding growers.

Rudi Schiebel

Rudi is the CEO and co-founder of Habitat Life. He comes from an agriculture and entrepreneurial background after starting Turtle Valley Bison Company. Rudi’s passion for finding innovative ways to produce responsible and sustainable products was born during this time and something that drives him to continue pushing the limits on holistic farming practices.

For him, the realization that running a ranch was as much about ensuring the health of an entire ecosystem for the animals as it was about raising the animals themselves was the starting point of Habitat’s cultivation methodology. With hands on experience building profitable companies with a positive social mandate, Rudi is a dedicated leader committed to growing organic salmon and delivering organic cannabis to consumers that is industry-leading in quality, price and sustainability.

Jeannette VanderMarel

Jeannette VanderMarel is a prominent figure in the Canadian cannabis industry. As one of the industry’s first female executives, VanderMarel helped build and grow some of the high-profile companies in the Canadian cannabis industry. VanderMarel co-founded The Green Organic Dutchman, one of the first companies to be granted a licence to produce cannabis by Health Canada. She was also the co-founder and president of Good & Green and former co-CEO at 48North. Most recently, she was the CEO of Beleave. She has since left that post and currently exploring new ventures.

VanderMarel is not new to the business of agriculture, coming from a family of apple growers. She has always worked to strike a balance between promoting sustainable farming practices out in the field, and good corporate social responsibility in the boardrooms. Before pursuing her passion for farming, VanderMarel worked in the health-care field as a registered nurse and a certified nurse in critical care – pediatrics.

Max White

Max White is the co-founder/owner and director of cultivation at Aroma Cannabis in Canby, Oregon. Max has been cultivating cannabis legally for the last 20 years after a childhood stick injury to the eye left him with glaucoma and a medical marijuana card at the age of 16. Over the last two decades he has grown cannabis in every environment – from outdoor to indoor to currently running a 12,000-sq-ft commercial greenhouse in Oregon’s recreational market as Aroma Cannabis. His specialties include garden IPM, networking and greenhouse efficiency. Max is an absolute people person and also acts as the facility tour manager to past groups, including the International Plant Propagation Society, Oregon Liquor Control Commission for staff training, and many inquisitive people from all over the world.

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